Corporate Booth Hire

  • Yes. We can provide any of our booths for tailored Corporate Events. We can provide a wide range of branding solutions to accompany the booth to ensure your guests or visitors are fully entertained and leave with a memento that contains clear branding for your product or business. The images are all long lasting reminders that will all carry your message.
  • Typically Corporate Rentals are for a longer period of time, perhaps for a launch party, at a conference, at an exhibition, at a speech ceremony, etc. For such events it is common for a booth to be in-situ for a longer timespan even if not in heavy use.
  • Yes and No. We aim to retain the key structure of charging for all of our events but are very happy to work with you to provide a tailored element to make the event work well and within budget. As such, it is often best to talk through your expectations and we can try to work something special out for you.
  • All booths can be used at a corporate event, size is not necessarily the key here. A Classic Smile Booth will be ideal for most events where the key is to provide fun, an attraction or draw, a lasting brand awareness opportunity and something special We can also manufacture booths to suit certain events, booths with no seating area (where you can use your own backdrop or set it against a wall, or image).