The Smile Booths

Here is a short introduction to the family of Smile Photo Booths. There are currently 3 styles to choose from : The Classic and The Tower .

Each serves a slightly different purpose and target market. They all use the same high quality equipment, so all produce top quality results as well as lots of fun!

Photo Booth
The Smile Classic Booth

The most popular booth is the Classic as it is styled on the original photo booths and is a solid booth with wooden sides, entry curtains and a seat. As a deluxe booth it is easily capable of taking 6 guests at a time.

This booth is highly popular for weddings.

The Tower BoothThe Tower Booth is an ‘open’ style booth (this means it has no sides or backdrop). It can be moved quite easily and placed in front of any suitable backdrop. It also allows for large groups to be included in any shots and for guests to ‘jump in and out’ of shots quickly and easily. We have used this for month long corporate rentals as well as parties for 4,000!

The Classic and the Tower booths can both be customised for private or corporate events with personalised graphics. For all events we can provide props, personalised text on prints or logos for corporate events.


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