Photo Booth in a Retro VW Camper Van

Fancy a talking point for your wedding reception?

Got a venue with no space for a standard Photo Booth?

Why not hire our Photo booth in a VW camper?

Unique photo booth!

Unique photo booth!

Our VW Camper photo booth is available to hire now for four hour periods and includes the following;

  • Unlimited prints
  • Double print outs
  • Memories album
  • Massive selection of props.
  • CD of all images after the event
  • Two attendants to deliver Camper, setup and run for the duration of hire.

Don’t fancy a VW camper photo booth then take a look at we have several other booths available.

Contact us on 0845 0212201 or

Wedding fayres

 We have attended a number of wedding fayres recently, below is a selection of photos see if you can spot yourself on there. Alot of people were excited to use the booth and we look forward to bringing that fun and excitement to their special day in the future. 

 If you have not already taken a look at our website then take a look at our prices are located here

Wedding Fayre!

Hey :)

We have a few wedding fayres coming up, we have one this Sunday the 25th September at the Moat House Hotel in Stafford, from 11am-4pm, pop along if your planning on getting married anytime soon and check us out :)

We also have another one coming up on Sunday the 16th October at the Westmead Hotel, again pop along and see the booth in action and grab yourselves some special offers.

Leah and Dwains Wedding

Another local gig for us :) held at Patshull Park, a great local venue ideal for weddings and functions.

Leah and Dwain were a lovely laid back couple and both had huge, but very friendly and warm families who all seemed to love having a laugh and so the photo booth was an ideal addition giving them all the chance to dress up and pose :)

The food and cakes that were laid on were spectacular and guests appeared to come back again and again.


All the best to Leah and Dwain in the future :)


Adam and Charlottes Wedding

An event for a friend is always enjoyable, and this was no exception as Adam and Charlotte are a lovely couple and doing this event was a true pleasure, especially as there were a number of familiar faces.

Another familiarity that became common throughout the night was a certain customer (Ally), attempting to wear as little clothing as possible in as many photos as possible :) think he did manage one decent photo by the end of the night though.

Living so close to Himley Hall, I had surprisingly never actually been there, and I was pleasantly surprised upon arrival at the VW theme that had been laid on, with several varieties of Camper, both splitty and bay windows on show and the odd beetle dotted amongst them. This impressed us very much being similar VW enthusiasts, along with how grand the building itself is, an excellent venue.

The event was very relaxed and easy going, the booth was very popular as usual and the album was full to the rafters by the end of the night which left an excellent memories album for Adam and Charlotte to look back on in years to come.

All the best to Adam and Charlotte in the future, but we’ll speak to you soon once returning from a fabulous honeymoon in Kenya

Cecily & Digbys Party

I didn’t actually attend this event so this is going to be interesting :)

This was an event for the infamous “booth in a bus” to make an appearance, a simple idea that is becoming increasingly popular. This event was outdoors which is perfect for the VW Camper Van as it means people won’t get wet, as it is bound to rain at some point during the event, this being England.

I am aware that there were a few special guests present at this party, not to mention any names!….(Jack Whitehall and Princess Eugenie, just a couple that I am aware of) which I’m sure made the Smile attendants speechless and star struck, maybe its just me!

The booth from what I can gather was in constant use throughout the night, with as per usual a hand full of interesting pictures dotted throughout.

Its not very often we get a phone call after an event from the organizer purely to thank us for doing what we do, and this occurred on this occasion so it worth mentioning and saying a big thank to Lucy Baer :)

His shirt matches the interior….

Ujala and Khusroo 18th Birthday!

Another event that was all smiles!

Dr Shah, father of Ujala and Khusroo was a lovely chap to deal with and made organizing this event particularly easy and hassle free. It was held in the upstairs of a Indian food restaurant and the crowd were, if I dare say it, the most polite crowd that we’ve come across and a pleasure to be around.

The booth drummed up a lot of interest with all sorts of  wild guesses as to what it could possibly be when people first laid their eyes on it. “What is it? a magic box?”, this was one amongst many possibilities, but once people had concluded that it was, in fact a photo booth, it was in constant use all night, and unlike most events by absolutely everyone, which is fantastic… it was loved so much that we stayed an extra 30 minutes at the end so that the minority who had not yet experienced the delights of dressing up like a pirate or such similar wacky characters could do and then get caught on camera several times doing so.

Its also worth mentioning that WE were lucky enough to sample the delicious cuisine that was laid on, so much so that we may have had 2nds and 3rds  :)

All the best to Ujala, Khusroo and Dr Shah in the future, and hopefully we’ll see you again :)

Mandy and Andy!

Yes! They are really called Mandy and Andy :)

This was a unique event for us purely because of Mandy and Andys laid back attitude which was frankly brilliant.

It was a well constructed setting, being in Southend On Sea they had created a seaside feel in the back garden of their lovely quaint cottage. There were beach balls, quirky signposts to various places such as the seaside and photo booth and part way through the night a delivery of good old fish and chips for everyone in newspaper boxes.

It was obviously a very well thought through party with lots of excellent additions which made the difference to making a unique and thoroughly enjoyable evening with lots of bubbly and friendly characters.

Everything was typical of a British seaside town including the weather, which made the set up interesting, but once the booth got going it was extremely popular with some regular visitors, and some brilliant photos.

All the very best to Mandy & Andy

Maria and Davids Wedding!

Threadneedle Street in central London, business capital, a marvelous location for Maria and Davids party, but even better was the wedding location, St.Pauls Cathedral.
We were welcomed by a few familiar faces at this event which always makes an event more enjoyable, but by the end of the night I’m sure we’d made a few more as the bride and groom along with their gang were a lively, exciting, fun-loving bunch who if they weren’t in the booth or at the bar for more dirnks were partying hard on the dance floor.
A few unexpected items from our props box, such as the guitar, mysteriously disappeared regularly throughout the night, for us only to find them being fought over on the dance floor whilst the DJ was playing a few air guitar favorites.
As per usual we began to recognize people more and more as the went on and as per usual we started to see a lot more than we bargained for in the photos, luckily I have a decent photo (just about) of the bride and groom.
Overall, a wonderful evening, thoroughly enjoyed by all :)
We wish Maria and David all the best :)